Skin deep beauty by Akiyo Ogura in NYC!

  a Yfile://localhost/Users/rosariomata/Desktop/janest/www.akiyohenna.comAkiyo Ogura is a gifted artist who volunteers her time and henna art on Sundays when not working to cancer patients at You Can Thrive! a complementary cancer center in New York City.  Her background on pattern design and working in the Fashion Textile for 10 years makes it easy in her freehand style to create designs that compliment your body.  She illuminates the center not only with her art but with warmth and kind heart. When I look at my ornate hand I think of the great pleasure I get at You Can Thrive! because of compassionate volunteers like Akiyo.  Thank you Akiyo for giving us your artwork and love!   You can view some of Akiyo’s glamorous work and get to know her better in this video.  My hand is labeled with in photo with my name Chayo.  Hope you like it.



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